I’ve fallen into the blogging world!

I did it. I caved. I am now blogging… and why you ask? I have no clue. But… You know you should just take the plunge and start one when…

You talk in blog talk. This morning, my sister made me a protein shake and I said, “this is PB goodness”. She said I was blog talking, considering I never say “pb goodness”. 🙂
You think in blog thoughts.  As I was working out, I was thinking… ya know, if I had a blog, I would talk about this.

You talk about blogs nonstop. My sister, Katie, and I pretty much don’t even have to say who we are talking about, or even start to describe the post that we saw. We just say one word and some how, in two completely different houses, at two different times, saw the same post and wanted to tell each other about it.

You think about the pictures you should be taking. I made a deeelicious dinner the other night and I thought, “ya know, I should take a picture of this beauty”. I was proud 🙂

So… with that being said…. why not? 🙂 Plus, my sister is pretty much famous {in her own little blogging world} so I thought I’d join her to give her some shout outs.  {dashingdish.com}

So, Hello blogging world.  My name is Emily. I am 22 and a recent graduate from EMU and am now teaching 5th grade.  I am the youngest of three girls and am very close with my family.  I have a passion for: The Lord, my family, people, working out, children, teaching, and eating healthy. And my new found passion… cooking! Who would have ever guessed? Living with my sister, Katie, pretty much never ever ever ever gave me the chance to step FOOT in the kitchen. But hey, I can’t complain too much. My tummy was constantly happy because she LOVED cooking for the family. But nowwww… she’s married off, and I figured I had two options: #1. Starve or #2. Learn! So I started putting to practice the things she taught me and some of the things I’ve seen her do. And hey, I’m not too bad. I figure I should practice now (with my mom and dad being the guinea pigs) before I get married. (Then I can really impress him, wink wink.) Katie has been the biggest role model to me. She has taught me the proper way to treat and view your body, how to work “smarter, not harder” to get the results you want, been my workout buddy, and most of all, has taught me how to make healthy food taste DELICIOUS! Check out her website to see what I mean! {dashingdish.com}. So thanks big sis… I love you!

So this blog will be random. My day to day. My thoughts. My revelations of the Lord. My food. {My attempts making food.}  My workouts. My family. etc, etc, etc. I hope you enjoy hearing the thoughts of Emily. But most of all, I hope you see that I live my life with a “passionate purpose”.

Goodbye for now blogging world,

4 responses to “I’ve fallen into the blogging world!

  1. This is awesome girl! I love your sister Katie, and we haven’t even met. But I am so happy to see another blogger who is passionate about health, fitness, and most importantly God! I look forward to reading more from you.

  2. Hey Jennifer, Thanks for checking out my page! I joined because my sister was finding awesome people, like you!! So I had to get in on it :). I love your blog and all the inspiring things you write! Yay for new blogging friends, and for my first comment! Thanks!!

  3. aww good luck with the start of your blog! I can’t wait to see what you have to come in the future 🙂

  4. Emily, you are truly beautiful on the inside and out!

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