These are a few of my favorite things {Drinks!}

My HOT drinks.

I have one seriously after EVERY meal.  This Keurig is sure being put to good use.  {I love it!  It honestly heats up so quickly and makes the best, hot drink in seconds!}  My favorite hot drinks: vanilla chai, 25 calorie packet hot chocolate, and of course, coffee. All, mixed with needed sweetness {Stevia}. And it can’t be drank without whipped cream. {It’s a MUST!}  Take note the cup (Katie and I squirting whipped cream in our mouths). A gift from my sister.  Sums us up.

And NO hot drink can go without whipped cream/ cool whip!  Check out my endless supply.  [Ok, this supply will come to an end… rather quickly actually!!  But have no fear, I’ll stock up before I hear the end of the whip cream can!]  And yes… I do really have all of these at one time.  It’s a necessity!

My cold drinks.

My favorite {chilled} drinks are much needed now that the warm weather is deciding to appear.  I’m unfortunately not a big H20 drinker… Plain water is NOT the first thing that I reach for.  Truly, the only time I drink {plain} water is when I work out.  I like to add flavor to my water, such as Crystal Light {Pure Fitness = no artificial sweetners} or lemon juice {{plus a stevia, or two}} I also enjoy iced coffee, Sobe Light, and Vitamin Water Zero {fav flav: Lemonade}.

New Crystal Light Pure Fitness with NO artificial sweetners!  Way to go Crystal Light!  You saved the day!

Don’t be fooled!! A serving size is 1/2 a packet with 15 calories.
But come on!  Who actually uses only 1/2 a packet?
What are YOUR favorite drinks… both hot and cold?

3 responses to “These are a few of my favorite things {Drinks!}

  1. hmmm…those drinks look familiar…probably cuz they are also my faves! 🙂


  3. Love those drinks with whipped cream! HMMMM.. could we be related?

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