Protein Bar Review

Full Bar Rant… Or I should say “Review”

Ok, so I mentioned my thoughts about this bar on my previous post… but let me just put a picture so you can see and know what to stay far away from!  I have to say, the Full Bar tastes like stale puffed cereal.  I honestly thought it was so stale that I looked at the expiration date!!  Yup… not expired… just stale.  Great stats, but not great taste.  But yes, shamefully, I ate the whole thing.  Why?  Because I hate wasting food (=money).  Biggest waste of like almost $3 of my life!  And worst way to eat 160 calories.

Luna Protein Bar- Chocolate Peanut Butter Review

Ok, so the other day I was at Target, loading up on my protein bars… and I see this chocolatey-peanut buttery goodness calling my name.  So hey, it’s .99 cents, why not?  As I was on my way home way home from Target (only 15 minute drive), it kept calling my name.  It was like 1:30, and I still hadn’t eaten lunch.  So, I tried ignoring it… but it was impossible.  Me and peanut butter don’t “wait”… so yes, I ripped it open. 

My review?  YUMMMY!  I felt like I was eating a Girl Scout cookie, the peanut butter kind.  Took me back to my childhood.  The bad side?  Wayyy too small of a bar!  I looked down in the wrapper, hoping I broke it in to two and just forgot.  The stats: very good!  Less than 200 calories, and equal protein and sugar.  The only thing… since I was eating it as part of my lunch, it didn’t fill me up at all!!  I got home and felt like I could still eat the kitchen.  I’ll have to try it again as a legit snack and see how it holds me over. 

Have you tried it yet?  Are you tempted to try everything with “peanut butter” in the name?


2 responses to “Protein Bar Review

  1. Great post! What’s crazy is that I have the opposite feelings as you. 🙂 I loved the full bar and thought the luna protein tasted like chocolate cardboard. I guess that shows that everybody has different taste’s and likes. But I do agree that if it says chocolate or especially peanut butter on the label, then I will definitely buy it!

  2. Oh and thank you so much for such a sweet response to my first comment on your page! I agree, it is so awesome to find people you can relate to on so many levels. I think we might just have to arrange a meet-up someday!

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