Food Review: Carba-Nada Pasta

So, I saw this pasta on someone’s blog… sorry, I forget who… and it totally caught my attention.  Pasta?  Really?  Low carb?  Heck yea, get me some stat!!  So my sister ordered it online… and I figured I’d try her’s.  Then a couple nights ago, I was grocery shopping {at like 10 pm!} and as I’m shuffling down the aisle, THERE IT IS!! WHAT!!!  I was so excited.  So, without further ado, meet my new fav food!  Carba-Nada Pasta


  1. It was only like around $3.00 (great price!)
  2. Garlic flavor… {always a plus in my life!}
  3. Nutrition:  Per 1 1/2 cups- 140 calories, 6 grams of fiber, 12 grams of protein!!!, and 24 grams of carbs
  4. Taste: OMGOSHHHHH!  Tastes like the real deal here people.  Plus, since it was garlic flavor, TONS of flavor goodness.

Comparing it to shirtaki noodles… it doesn’t compare!  Shirataki are chewy, slimey, and smelly, but hey, I can work with them and make them actually taste pretty decent.  But these… heaven!

Here is my dinner tonight:

With the noodles, I cooked up tofu, fresh spinach, broccoli, and yellow squash.  For the sauce, I put in two Laughing Cow Cheese triangles, parmesean cheese, and two tablespoons of cottage cheese (sounds weird, but you can’t taste it!).  It tasted like some seriously amazing alfredo.  Here’s the pic.  It made TONS, but I proudly ate it all :).

I can’t wait to try the pasta in a different yumminess soon!  Try this thing out!

What do you think of Shirataki Noodles?


2 responses to “Food Review: Carba-Nada Pasta

  1. Wooo hoooo! One of my favorite foods too! 🙂 I love this post! I can’t wait to try it with laughing cow! 🙂

  2. Made some today for lunch…with broccoli, boca chicken, spinach, and mini tomatoes all sauteed in parmee! AMAZING! 🙂

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