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These are a few of my favorite things {Workout Gear!}

So, as most of you, I feel like I practically live in workout clothes.  But hey, they are comfy, colorful, and flattering, so I don’t mind!  Plus as soon as the shoes go on, you suddenly feel {fit & fierce, ready to conquer the world!}  So here are a few of my favorite workout items.

My favorite workout shoes: Nike all the way.  Sorry Adidas, I will never choose you.  I’ve sworn my life away to Nike.  My sister Katie and I get a pair for each other everrrrry birthday.  It’s an assumed gift.  It’s fun though because we shop together for them, and sometimes buy them online and have them customized.  Here are my last two… {more in the closet}.  I have realized I am a “black shoe kinda girl”.   Why do cute shoes make working out so much more fun?

I apologize for the dirtyness.  The great thing about shoes, you can throw them in the wash!  {Time to do that!!}

I’m on the hunt for new shoes already. What are YOUR favorite workout shoes?

Other favorite workout gear: Colored sports bras!! My favorite are C9 by Champion, sold at Target for $16.00.  You can sometimes find them on the clearance rack to=bonus!

And most importantly:  Workout capris! I don’t really like to wear shorts working out = booty viewing.  And I don’t like to wear pants = sufficating hottness.  So capris are my fav!  Material is so important in workout clothes.  I love Dri-Fit by Nike because they don’t stick to you and give you some breathing room.  (Always nice when you’re sweaty hot).  I like to get my workout capris at either Target, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls.  You can get expensive brands, like Nike, for like 1/2 the price!

What is your favorite brand of workout pants?


These are a few of my favorite things {Drinks!}

My HOT drinks.

I have one seriously after EVERY meal.  This Keurig is sure being put to good use.  {I love it!  It honestly heats up so quickly and makes the best, hot drink in seconds!}  My favorite hot drinks: vanilla chai, 25 calorie packet hot chocolate, and of course, coffee. All, mixed with needed sweetness {Stevia}. And it can’t be drank without whipped cream. {It’s a MUST!}  Take note the cup (Katie and I squirting whipped cream in our mouths). A gift from my sister.  Sums us up.

And NO hot drink can go without whipped cream/ cool whip!  Check out my endless supply.  [Ok, this supply will come to an end… rather quickly actually!!  But have no fear, I’ll stock up before I hear the end of the whip cream can!]  And yes… I do really have all of these at one time.  It’s a necessity!

My cold drinks.

My favorite {chilled} drinks are much needed now that the warm weather is deciding to appear.  I’m unfortunately not a big H20 drinker… Plain water is NOT the first thing that I reach for.  Truly, the only time I drink {plain} water is when I work out.  I like to add flavor to my water, such as Crystal Light {Pure Fitness = no artificial sweetners} or lemon juice {{plus a stevia, or two}} I also enjoy iced coffee, Sobe Light, and Vitamin Water Zero {fav flav: Lemonade}.

New Crystal Light Pure Fitness with NO artificial sweetners!  Way to go Crystal Light!  You saved the day!

Don’t be fooled!! A serving size is 1/2 a packet with 15 calories.
But come on!  Who actually uses only 1/2 a packet?
What are YOUR favorite drinks… both hot and cold?

These are a few of my favorite things… {Snacks Bars!}

Favorite protein bar {on the go}.  I probably wouldn’t reach for one of these if I was at home, since I like to make special snacks at home.  But since I teach, I have one of these around [3:30] everyday!  All the kids ask, “Oooo, a candy bar.  Can I have one?”  I say, “Not a candy bar, and NO!”

My favorite?… All of them.  Tried them all!!

My other favorite: Clif Mojo bar- Peanut butter!!  HEAVEN!  But unfortunately, the school is peanut free…drats!  I tried the other flavors, not a fan.

I’m on the mission to find new bars!  I tried a “Full Bar” the other day.. Biggest waste of $2.87!  I wasn’t trying to feel full… but just curious of the taste. Taste=bland/fake.  Texture=pure styrofoam.  NO WONDER they say they make you feel full… the styrofoam probably expands in your stomach and tricks it!!  So disappointed.

What’s your favorite bar?