All Things Peanut Butter!

I know, I know… I have been a terrible blogger.  But, I’m back in the game!… For now that is.  {I have 20 fifth graders that demand my time}

So, I mentioned that I will be doing a post next on some of my favorite foods made with the {beloved peanut butter}.  So without further ado…

Fiber One 90 Calories

Oh, do I love my fiber, and what it does! 🙂

These cute little bars pack the PB taste in just 90 calories.

Drizzled with, coated on the bottom with PB, and PB chips throughout.

The downfall: too small!

Fiber Plus Antioxidants

My FAVORITE and my other Fiber friend :).

Fiber Plus Chocolate Peanut Butter!

These have only 120 calories, and once again, packed with PB and fiber (35% of your daily needs!)

These are wayyy better than the 90 cal ones.

Taste JUST like somoa girl scout cookies, if you ask me!

I love to put these in the freezer and put them in my shakes, delish!

Go Kellogs!

South Beach Cereal Bar

These cereal South Beach bars are 140 calories, and a whopping ten grams of protein!

I used to eat these like it was my birthday, till the Fiber Plus bars came out.  Still my friend 🙂

Quaker Chewy with Protein

Yummmmmy.  These Chewy bars have little chocolate chips and mini peanut butter chips.

Just enough to say, mmm, I had my PB fix!  Only 110 calories and 5 grams of protein!

I love crumbling up half a bar, and putting them in my shake.

Or throw one in my purse, for a “hold me over” snack!

Peanut Butter Pow Cereal

Ok, these win the PB award of all time!

This cereal is sold at Whole Foods and is PACKED with a yummy PB crunch.

I put a few of these in my shakes as a crunchy topping.

Only 110 calories for a cup!

{And my little pup LOVES them as a treat! :)… So cute to hear her “crunch”}

{Yummmmmy!!}  What is YOUR favorite peanut butter item out there?


My OBSESSION! Peanut Butter!

For this post, I can’t even say “My Favorite Thing: Peanut Butter“.  Peanut butter goes beyond being a “favorite” and is practically an obsession.  I pretty much dream about swimming in a pool of peanut butter.  And I have to put it out there: Why does chocolate and peanut butter marry so well together?  They are a perfect pair!

So, with that, I must dedicate this post to all of the peanut butter out there.  But this is a time for YOU to tell me what kinds of peanut butter you like, as well as you favorite peanut butter dessert/snack/bar/treat, etc.

Since I have been blogging, I have seen sooo many people eat peanut butter by the spoonfuls (which I so admire), but it isn’t just your regular Jif!  I’ve seen a lot of flavored pb’s, as well as a lot of nut butters, too!  But for me, I haven’t quite yet forsaken the goddess of peanut butter:  Good ol’ Jif!

Can’t go wrong with the good ol’ Jif!

Extra Crunchy Jif, has won my heart!

Here are some of the fancy-schmancy peanut butters I have seen out in the blogging world.  I’m willing to try, but need to know which ones are the BEST!

This one sounds super delicious!  And it seems quite popular, too!  I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!  I hear you can get it at Target!

Peanut Butter & Co. White Chocolate

And WHY, oh why haven’t I tried this PB/Chocolately goodness yet?

Chocolate + PB= Heaven

Tried any of the PB & Co. peanut butters?  Thoughts?

I’ve also seen a lot of Nut Butters.  Haven’t tried any, because I want to hear YOUR thoughts before doing so.  Do they do the Peanut Butter justice?  Does it taste like pb or differently?

Nut Butter- Almond Butter

What’s your favorite nut butter?

Another LOVE of peanut butter:

Or you can go the {powdered route}.  PB2 and FitNutz have revolutionized the world of peanut butter.  I love BOTH.  Both reduce the calories by a TON, so you can essentially eat more!  Whoo hoo.  I love using my powdered peanut butter in my protein shakes.  It adds the perfect taste of pb, without all the extra calories.  A plus?  It makes the consistency amaaaazing!

You can order Fit Nutz here, and PB2 here.  The options are {endless}!

Have you tried any powdered peanut butters?  Which do you prefer?  Favorite way to use it?

My favorite Peanut Butter blogs, where I drool just looking at their blog name: (Stands for “chocolate peanut butter”)

Those should keep you busy for a while!  Enjoy!

Wow, now I’m seriously craving a heaping tablespoon of PB!  It’s calling out my name.  TOOOO bad I work in a NUT FREE school 😦 😦 :(.

(To Be Continued)….Part Two coming tomorrow: All Things Peanut Butter.

Food Review: Carba-Nada Pasta

So, I saw this pasta on someone’s blog… sorry, I forget who… and it totally caught my attention.  Pasta?  Really?  Low carb?  Heck yea, get me some stat!!  So my sister ordered it online… and I figured I’d try her’s.  Then a couple nights ago, I was grocery shopping {at like 10 pm!} and as I’m shuffling down the aisle, THERE IT IS!! WHAT!!!  I was so excited.  So, without further ado, meet my new fav food!  Carba-Nada Pasta


  1. It was only like around $3.00 (great price!)
  2. Garlic flavor… {always a plus in my life!}
  3. Nutrition:  Per 1 1/2 cups- 140 calories, 6 grams of fiber, 12 grams of protein!!!, and 24 grams of carbs
  4. Taste: OMGOSHHHHH!  Tastes like the real deal here people.  Plus, since it was garlic flavor, TONS of flavor goodness.

Comparing it to shirtaki noodles… it doesn’t compare!  Shirataki are chewy, slimey, and smelly, but hey, I can work with them and make them actually taste pretty decent.  But these… heaven!

Here is my dinner tonight:

With the noodles, I cooked up tofu, fresh spinach, broccoli, and yellow squash.  For the sauce, I put in two Laughing Cow Cheese triangles, parmesean cheese, and two tablespoons of cottage cheese (sounds weird, but you can’t taste it!).  It tasted like some seriously amazing alfredo.  Here’s the pic.  It made TONS, but I proudly ate it all :).

I can’t wait to try the pasta in a different yumminess soon!  Try this thing out!

What do you think of Shirataki Noodles?

My Favorite Things: Veggies!

One thing that I just LOVE is vegetables.  I honestly crrrave them!

Oh man, could I just eat veggies allllllll day.  The only reason I don’t… my stomach would explode with bloatedness.  It’s so worth it though!  I pretty much love all vegetables, but my favorites are: asparagus, zucchini, squash, spaghetti squash, broccoli, cauliflower, and my new favorite, brussel sprouts.  Ok, I could go on and on… So I guess all are my favorites. 

But you may be thinking… I wish I loved vegetables more.  Well, you can!  It’s all in the way that you make them.  I personally wouldn’t be caught dead eating RAW broccoli, unless it was being smothered in dip of some sort.  But when you cook them to your liking, add some sweetness and spice, it is delightful!  I owe my veggie love to my sister {dashingdish} who taught me that I can eat veggies and love them! 

So here’s how I cook them.

Spaghetti squash:

Microwave for about 7-10 minutes (depending on the size), cut it open, and scrap out the seeds.  From there, you have two options:

1.  Eat as is.  This will give you a “crunchy” spaghetti.  Top with sauce, turkey meat, parmesean cheese, salt, pepper, and of course garlic. 

2.  Put in a sprayed pan and add parmesean cheese and spray butter.  Cook for 5-8 minutes until crispy.  This will give a “fried spaghetti” feel… which my mom always made for us when we were young, except with real butter and real spaghetti.  {Not pictured, but yummy!}

In all, if you haven’t tried spaghetti squash, DO IT!  I know it can seem intimidating because it’s this big watermelon looking thing, but there are so many awesome ways to eat it.  It’s easy to make, high in fiber and nutrition, and only 40 calories per cup!! 

Have you tried spaghetti squash?  What’s your favorite way to eat it? 


My new favorite: Brussel Sprouts

Ok, so the first thought of brussel sprouts usually makes people want to gag, but it is such a misconception.  I personally thought I didn’t like them either, until I tried broiling them.  Now, I think I am slightly addicted.  {Good thing to be addicted to, huh? 🙂 }

First, take frozen  bag of brussel sprouts, rip a small hole in it, and microwave the bag for about 5 minutes.  (Guess what? You don’t need to spend the extra money to buy the steamable veggies… just micro them right in the bag they come in! It works!)  Then, put foil on a pan (easy clean up), spray the foil, put the brussel sprouts on the pan, and spray them so the yummy seasonings stick.  Then add, garlic, salt, pepper, garlic flakes, parmesean, and stevia.  *Yes, I know, stevia, weird… but don’t knock it till you try it.  Then broil for about 7 minutes, checking on them often.  They come out CRISPY and yummmmy. Dip in ketchup {this step is a must} and enjoy :).

Oh, and by the way… I eat the whole bag in one sitting.  I’m guilty 🙂

Another fav: Sweet Potatoes!

There are so many wonderful ways to eat this high fiberous-yumminess-starch/veggie.

Want to save time? {who doesn’t?} Then, get the sweet potatoes wrapped already in this nifty little plastic wrap.  No need to wash it… {already done}!  Just pop it in the microwave for 5-7 mins and you’re ready to eat!

One way you can eat it:  Fries.  Instead of microwaving, cut into strips, top with salt, and bake! Another way? cut into thin slices, and broil… like chips!!

My favorite though, is: Microwave till soft and ready to eat, cup open, add spray butter, stevia, cinnamon, and tons of frozen cool whip! YUM!  Tastes more like dessert than a veggie!

What’s your favorite veggie and your favorite way to eat it?  Do you ever use ketchup on your veggies?

Protein Bar Review

Full Bar Rant… Or I should say “Review”

Ok, so I mentioned my thoughts about this bar on my previous post… but let me just put a picture so you can see and know what to stay far away from!  I have to say, the Full Bar tastes like stale puffed cereal.  I honestly thought it was so stale that I looked at the expiration date!!  Yup… not expired… just stale.  Great stats, but not great taste.  But yes, shamefully, I ate the whole thing.  Why?  Because I hate wasting food (=money).  Biggest waste of like almost $3 of my life!  And worst way to eat 160 calories.

Luna Protein Bar- Chocolate Peanut Butter Review

Ok, so the other day I was at Target, loading up on my protein bars… and I see this chocolatey-peanut buttery goodness calling my name.  So hey, it’s .99 cents, why not?  As I was on my way home way home from Target (only 15 minute drive), it kept calling my name.  It was like 1:30, and I still hadn’t eaten lunch.  So, I tried ignoring it… but it was impossible.  Me and peanut butter don’t “wait”… so yes, I ripped it open. 

My review?  YUMMMY!  I felt like I was eating a Girl Scout cookie, the peanut butter kind.  Took me back to my childhood.  The bad side?  Wayyy too small of a bar!  I looked down in the wrapper, hoping I broke it in to two and just forgot.  The stats: very good!  Less than 200 calories, and equal protein and sugar.  The only thing… since I was eating it as part of my lunch, it didn’t fill me up at all!!  I got home and felt like I could still eat the kitchen.  I’ll have to try it again as a legit snack and see how it holds me over. 

Have you tried it yet?  Are you tempted to try everything with “peanut butter” in the name?

These are a few of my favorite things {Workout Gear!}

So, as most of you, I feel like I practically live in workout clothes.  But hey, they are comfy, colorful, and flattering, so I don’t mind!  Plus as soon as the shoes go on, you suddenly feel {fit & fierce, ready to conquer the world!}  So here are a few of my favorite workout items.

My favorite workout shoes: Nike all the way.  Sorry Adidas, I will never choose you.  I’ve sworn my life away to Nike.  My sister Katie and I get a pair for each other everrrrry birthday.  It’s an assumed gift.  It’s fun though because we shop together for them, and sometimes buy them online and have them customized.  Here are my last two… {more in the closet}.  I have realized I am a “black shoe kinda girl”.   Why do cute shoes make working out so much more fun?

I apologize for the dirtyness.  The great thing about shoes, you can throw them in the wash!  {Time to do that!!}

I’m on the hunt for new shoes already. What are YOUR favorite workout shoes?

Other favorite workout gear: Colored sports bras!! My favorite are C9 by Champion, sold at Target for $16.00.  You can sometimes find them on the clearance rack to=bonus!

And most importantly:  Workout capris! I don’t really like to wear shorts working out = booty viewing.  And I don’t like to wear pants = sufficating hottness.  So capris are my fav!  Material is so important in workout clothes.  I love Dri-Fit by Nike because they don’t stick to you and give you some breathing room.  (Always nice when you’re sweaty hot).  I like to get my workout capris at either Target, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls.  You can get expensive brands, like Nike, for like 1/2 the price!

What is your favorite brand of workout pants?

These are a few of my favorite things {Drinks!}

My HOT drinks.

I have one seriously after EVERY meal.  This Keurig is sure being put to good use.  {I love it!  It honestly heats up so quickly and makes the best, hot drink in seconds!}  My favorite hot drinks: vanilla chai, 25 calorie packet hot chocolate, and of course, coffee. All, mixed with needed sweetness {Stevia}. And it can’t be drank without whipped cream. {It’s a MUST!}  Take note the cup (Katie and I squirting whipped cream in our mouths). A gift from my sister.  Sums us up.

And NO hot drink can go without whipped cream/ cool whip!  Check out my endless supply.  [Ok, this supply will come to an end… rather quickly actually!!  But have no fear, I’ll stock up before I hear the end of the whip cream can!]  And yes… I do really have all of these at one time.  It’s a necessity!

My cold drinks.

My favorite {chilled} drinks are much needed now that the warm weather is deciding to appear.  I’m unfortunately not a big H20 drinker… Plain water is NOT the first thing that I reach for.  Truly, the only time I drink {plain} water is when I work out.  I like to add flavor to my water, such as Crystal Light {Pure Fitness = no artificial sweetners} or lemon juice {{plus a stevia, or two}} I also enjoy iced coffee, Sobe Light, and Vitamin Water Zero {fav flav: Lemonade}.

New Crystal Light Pure Fitness with NO artificial sweetners!  Way to go Crystal Light!  You saved the day!

Don’t be fooled!! A serving size is 1/2 a packet with 15 calories.
But come on!  Who actually uses only 1/2 a packet?
What are YOUR favorite drinks… both hot and cold?

These are a few of my favorite things… {Snacks Bars!}

Favorite protein bar {on the go}.  I probably wouldn’t reach for one of these if I was at home, since I like to make special snacks at home.  But since I teach, I have one of these around [3:30] everyday!  All the kids ask, “Oooo, a candy bar.  Can I have one?”  I say, “Not a candy bar, and NO!”

My favorite?… All of them.  Tried them all!!

My other favorite: Clif Mojo bar- Peanut butter!!  HEAVEN!  But unfortunately, the school is peanut free…drats!  I tried the other flavors, not a fan.

I’m on the mission to find new bars!  I tried a “Full Bar” the other day.. Biggest waste of $2.87!  I wasn’t trying to feel full… but just curious of the taste. Taste=bland/fake.  Texture=pure styrofoam.  NO WONDER they say they make you feel full… the styrofoam probably expands in your stomach and tricks it!!  So disappointed.

What’s your favorite bar?

I’ve fallen into the blogging world!

I did it. I caved. I am now blogging… and why you ask? I have no clue. But… You know you should just take the plunge and start one when…

You talk in blog talk. This morning, my sister made me a protein shake and I said, “this is PB goodness”. She said I was blog talking, considering I never say “pb goodness”. 🙂
You think in blog thoughts.  As I was working out, I was thinking… ya know, if I had a blog, I would talk about this.

You talk about blogs nonstop. My sister, Katie, and I pretty much don’t even have to say who we are talking about, or even start to describe the post that we saw. We just say one word and some how, in two completely different houses, at two different times, saw the same post and wanted to tell each other about it.

You think about the pictures you should be taking. I made a deeelicious dinner the other night and I thought, “ya know, I should take a picture of this beauty”. I was proud 🙂

So… with that being said…. why not? 🙂 Plus, my sister is pretty much famous {in her own little blogging world} so I thought I’d join her to give her some shout outs.  {}

So, Hello blogging world.  My name is Emily. I am 22 and a recent graduate from EMU and am now teaching 5th grade.  I am the youngest of three girls and am very close with my family.  I have a passion for: The Lord, my family, people, working out, children, teaching, and eating healthy. And my new found passion… cooking! Who would have ever guessed? Living with my sister, Katie, pretty much never ever ever ever gave me the chance to step FOOT in the kitchen. But hey, I can’t complain too much. My tummy was constantly happy because she LOVED cooking for the family. But nowwww… she’s married off, and I figured I had two options: #1. Starve or #2. Learn! So I started putting to practice the things she taught me and some of the things I’ve seen her do. And hey, I’m not too bad. I figure I should practice now (with my mom and dad being the guinea pigs) before I get married. (Then I can really impress him, wink wink.) Katie has been the biggest role model to me. She has taught me the proper way to treat and view your body, how to work “smarter, not harder” to get the results you want, been my workout buddy, and most of all, has taught me how to make healthy food taste DELICIOUS! Check out her website to see what I mean! {}. So thanks big sis… I love you!

So this blog will be random. My day to day. My thoughts. My revelations of the Lord. My food. {My attempts making food.}  My workouts. My family. etc, etc, etc. I hope you enjoy hearing the thoughts of Emily. But most of all, I hope you see that I live my life with a “passionate purpose”.

Goodbye for now blogging world,